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Finchley 1895

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finchley]

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Return of Sanitary Works executed in the District during the Years below referred to.

Cesspools cleansed834411155
Cesspools abolished691911982
Closets cleansed, repaired, and amended20181478453852
Water Supply to W.C.'s laid on and amended128119130257173147246
New W.C.'s constructed1222201620245
Sinks and Bath wastes disconnected74321948392811
Water Supply (Domestic) amended431158124622
Water Supply to Houses under Section 6210211228241618
Drains tested15255570194147138
Defective Drains examined and repaired221843105682729
Defective Drains abolished and new constructed1125141103634030
Drains Ventilated and Ventilators amended52926075629791
Dust Bins provided and repaired513791108588247
Foul ditches cleansed4435435
Heaps of Manure removed9333446
Pig Styes abolished52005104
Samples of Water taken for analysis15171017201624
Sundry nuisances abolished434939419510160
Premises disinfected by Sanitary Department (No. of Rooms)11058501041689634
No. of Inspections made299282295319476460485
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