London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Erith 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Erith]

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Unfortunately at 4.30 on Tuesday, 13th February, another
long range rocket landed in the grounds of the institution some
few yards from the home buildings. The blast walls again
saved both patients and staff from serious injury although
certain members of the staff were severely shocked but widespread
damage was caused in every building of the hospital.
The patients were evacuated to the Bow Arrow and West Kent
Joint Board Hospitals and the staff to the Ormonde House
Half Way Rest Centre.
It was eventually decided in view of the shortage of
materials and man power and the prevailing conditions in the
district to admit further infectious disease patients to the two
hospitals mentioned and these arrangements have been continued
throughout the year.
C (2). TABLES.
C(2)a. Notifications.

The following table shows the total notifications received during the year 1945.

DiseaseTotal cases notifiedCases admitted to infectious diseases hospitalTotal Deaths
Scarlet Fever2920-
Puerperal Pyrexia22-
Cerebro-Spinal Fever32-
Whooping Cough1171-

C(2)b. Scarlet Fever.
Only 29 cases were notified during the year and of these
20 were admitted to hospital. Practically all were mild cases
and no deaths occurred.