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Erith 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Erith]

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The rates of pay are those which are prevailing in the district for such work and in any case is not less than that stated in the Hetherington scale. The following figures illustrate the position up to the end of the year :

Number of Cases booked during 1915.Number of days on which Home Helps were employed.Number of cases booked but subsequently cancelled.
Number of Cases attended by Domestic Helps during 1945.Number of days Domestic Helps were employed.Number of days employed at Hainault Maternity Home.
Full-time 54845£136
Part-time 25410i79

C(l). Infectious Diseases' Hospital.
The Erith Borough Council provides its own Isolation
Hospital. A large portion of admissions are cases of Scarlet
Fever and Diphtheria, but any notifiable infectious disease may
be admitted with the exception of smallpox and puerperal
infections, special arrangements for which are described elsewhere
in this report. Cases of Measles and Whooping Cough
are admitted during epidemic times, for medical complications
and for domicilary reasons.
On Thursday, 8th February, the Isolation Hospital was
severely damaged by a long range rocket which although
falling some short distance away in Langdale Crescent blasted
all the windows, roofs and most of the doors. Fortunaely no
casualties occurred in either staff or patients, it was decided
not to evacuate the hospital as two wards were usable and
repair gangs were drafted on to the emergency work.