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Erith 1918

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Erith]

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As already pointed out in my Reports for 1915 and
1916, there is still a great lack of Housing Accommodation
in the district.
It is true that a large number of Huts, Hostels, etc.,
have been erected, but this does not fully supply the
Housing Inspection Regulations.
265 houses were inspected during the year.
There were no houses represented as unfit for habitation.
Owing to the scarcity of labour very little work has
been accomplished in order to remedy defects.
Hospital Accommodation for Infectious Diseases.
The Sanatorium for Infectious Diseases is situated
at Little Heath, Belvedere.
There is accommodation for 52 Patients, namely:—
86 Scarlet Fever and 16 Diphtheria.
By an arrangement with the Metropolitan Asylums
Board, Enteric Eever cases are removed to Joyce Green
Hospital, Dartford.
There is a similar arrangement with regard to Small
Pox cases.

Table showing the number of patients treated during the year at the Sanatorium:—

Measles.Enteric Fever.Scarlet Fever.Diphtheria.Total.