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Erith 1918

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Erith]


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    Comparative returns of Infectious Disease notified during the past 10 years : —
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    The following table shows the number of deaths from Influenza each week for the last quarter of the year:—
    Week endedMales.Females.Total.
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    Sex and Age Distribution.
    Under 1 year.1—22—85—1515—2525—4545—6565 and over.
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    Table Showing the Birth and Death Rates and Infantile Mortality Rate for the Year 1918
    Annual Rate per 1000 population.Rate per 1000 Births.
    Births.Deaths.Diarrhœa & Enteritis(under 2 years).Total deaths under 1 year.
    All . Causes.Enteric Fever.Measles.Scarlet Fever.Whooping Cough.Diphtheria.
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    The following were surrendered to me as unfit for human consumption:—
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    Article of Food.Quantity.
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    The following is a return showing the number and nature of the Samples taken by their Inspector during the year:—
    Article.No. of Samples taken.No. Genuine.No. Adulterated.Remarks.
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    Table showing the number of patients treated during the year at the Sanatorium:—
    Measles.Enteric Fever.Scarlet Fever.Diphtheria.Total.
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    Table 1.—Vital Statistics of Whole District during 1918 and previous years.
    Year.Population estimated to middle of each year.Births.Ttl. deaths registrd. in the Distr'tTransferable Deaths.Nett Deaths belonging to the District.
    Uncorrected Number.Nett.Number.Rate.of Non-residents registered in the District.of Resid'ts not registered in the District.Under 1 year of age.At all Ages
    No.Rate per 1000 nett Births.No.Rate
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    Table II.—Cases of Infectious Disease notified during the Year 1918.
    Notifiable Disease.Number of cases notified.Total cases removed to Hospital.
    At all Ages.At Ages—Years.
    Under 11 and under 5 years.5 and under 15 yrs.15 and under 25 yrs.25 and under 45 yrs.45 and under 65 yrs.65 and upwards.
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    Table III.-Causes of. and Ages at Death during the year 1918.
    Causes of Death.Nett Deaths at the subjoined ages of " Residents " whether occurring within or without the district.
    All ages.Under 1 year.1 and under 2 years.2 and under 5 years.5 and under 15 yrs.15 and under 25 yrs.25 and under 45 yrs.45 and under 65 yrs,65 and upwards.
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    Table IV.—Infantile Mortality during the Year 1918. Nett Deaths from stated causes at various ages under 1 year of age.