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Erith 1913

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Erith]

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Council Offices,
March 19th, 1914.
To the Chairman and Members of the
Urban District Council of Erith.
I have the honour to submit to you my Annual
Report for the year 1913 in accordance with the
Regulations of the Local Government Board.
As you are all aware, on the death of Dr. Baddeley,
who had been for some years the Medical Officer for the
Education Committee, it was decided to reorganise the
arrangements for the public health, and school medical
services, and to appoint one Medical Officer to devote
his whole time to the work of the Council, and act as
Medical Officer of Health, School Medical Officer, and
Medical Superintendent of the Sanatorium for Infectious
This arrangement came into force on April 1st, and
on that date I took up my duties as a whole time
The present report is somewhat different in its
arrangement from previous ones, being based on the
scheme outlined in a Memorandum from the Medical
Officer of the Local Government Board to Medical
Officers of Health on the preparation of their Annual
Reports for 1913.
My report as School Medical Officer on the work
done in that capacity is based on the lines indicated in
the Circular No. 596 of August, 1908, issued by the
Board of Education.
I am, Gentlemen,
Your obedient Servant,
A. E. Jerman.