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Dagenham 1952

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Dagenham]

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Adulterated Samples, etc.— continued.

Serial No.ArticleFormal or InformalNature of Adulteration or IrregularityObservations
1162AToffeeInformalContained fragments of a plastic foreign material.Manufacturers warned.
1963Camphorated ChalkFormal96% deficient in camphor.Vendor warned.
1967Beef SausagesFormalConsisted of preserved sausages containing 220 parts per million of Sulphur Dioxide.Vendor warned.
2015Fever MixtureFormalContained 43% more nitric acid than the quantity stated on the label.Referred to Manufacturers.
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Section 13 and Byelaws under Section 15
In addition to numerous verbal requests and suggestions during
the routine visits of the inspectors, 28 informal notices were served
upon owners and occupiers.
The Council authorised the institution of legal proceedings
against a firm of local bakers because of general dirty conditions.
The firm had previously been convicted for similar conditions and
fined £5. Before proceedings could be commenced, the control of
the business had been put in the hands of a Receiver, because of
financial difficulties, and later closed down.
Unsound Food
Complaints continue to be received in respect of articles of food
containing a variety of foreign substances.
Legal proceedings were instituted in the three following cases:—
(i) Mouldy veal and ham pie; defendants found guilty but
given an absolute discharge on payment of £3 3s. 0d. costs.
(ii) Mouldy sausage rolls; defendants found guilty and fined
£5 with £3 3s. 0d. costs.
(iii) Glass in bottle of milk; case dismissed.
Clean Food Campaign
During the year lectures have been given to members of several
local women's organisations.
The sanitary inspectors in their regular visits to all food premises
in the Borough use every opportunity of stressing the need for the
maintenance of a good standard of cleanliness in respect of personal
habits, equipment and premises.

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