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Dagenham 1952

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Dagenham]

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Adulterated Samples, etc.

Serial No.ArticleFormal or InformalNature of Adulteration or IrregularityObservations
1082ABreadInformalShowed patches of a yellowish brown discolouration.Vendor warned.
1083ADate SliceInformalContained a piece of metal sheet which had been cooked in the dough.Vendor warned.
1084ABreadInformalConsisted masses of dirty dough containing traces of quartz sand and coal dust.Vendor warned.
1085ABreadInformalContained a fragment of partly discoloured dough.Vendor warned.
1086AMilkInformalA partly filled bottle of milk was found to contain empty insect larvae cases.Vendor warned.
1109 ABreadInformalContained portions of discoloured dough.Vendor warned.
1092ALollie CremeInformalContained only 1% of fat, an insufficient amount to justify the description 'creme'.Production discontinued.
1108ALollie CremeInformalContained only 1.8% of fat, an insufficient amount to justify the description 'creme'.
1110APortion of RollInformalContained a foreign body consisting of discoloured dough containing a quarter of its weight of fat.Vendor warned.
1111ASliced BreadInformalContained a mass of cotton fibres embedded in discoloured dough.Vendor warned.
1153ATable JellyInformalOut of condition. Heavy surface incrustation of sugar.Vendors warned. Withdrawn from sale.
1154ATable JellyInformalOut of condition. Slight surface incrustation of sugar.
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