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Croydon 1946

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Croydon]

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Non-Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

There were 24 cases examined at the Clinic and found to have Non-pulmonary Tuberculosis in the following forms:—

Bones and Joints6
Other Organs4
Peripheral Glands9
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Ages at Death from Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

Year.0—55—1515-2525—4545—65Over 65.Total.
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In 1946 the death-rate from all forms of Tuberculosis was
0.47 per 1,000 population.
The rate for Pulmonary Tuberculosis was 0.43 and the rale
for Non-Pulmonary Tuberculosis 0.04. Similar figures for 1945
were 037 and 0.09.
Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
In 1946 the total number of deaths increased by 26 per cent.
compared with 1945, but still was 17.8 per cent. less than in 1938.
There were only two deaths in children up to school leaving
age (15 years).
The majority of the deaths occurred in age groups 25-55
years. There were 23 more deaths in males than in 1945, with
more than twice as many deaths in males as in females. In men
the deaths are mostly in the age groups 35-55 years, whereas in
women they are mostly at an earlier age. The number of female
deaths was 3 more than in 1945.

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