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Croydon 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Croydon]

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Convalescence Committee of the Croydon Mothers' and Infants' Welfare
This Committee undertakes the arrangements for convalescence
in cases of mothers and children referred for that purpose
by the medical officers at the various Infant Welfare Clinics. I
am indebted to the Convalescence Secretary for the data given
below : —
Total number of children under 5 sent to Convalescent
homes 15
Total number of weeks 132
Cost £106 19s. 7d.
Numbers of mothers sent for convalescence 1
Number of children under 5 sent with their mothers to
cottages 2
Home Helps.
During the year 484 expectant mothers applied for Home
Helps, and 433 were supplied. The corresponding figures for
1944 were 412 mothers applied, and 373 were supplied. At the
end of the year there were the names of 21 full-time and 9 casual
Home Helps on the register.
Babies' Help Report.
1 am indebted to Mrs. Philpott for the following particulars :—
In January, 1945, eleven mothers and babies were receiving
grants. During the year 27 mothers were helped, and at the end
of the year 3 were left on the books. Grants are paid through the
Welfare Centres, and the Committee wish to record thanks to the
Health Visitors for their co-operation."
Croydon Association of Moral Welfare.
This Association has a Home for Girls at 31, Morland Road,
and a Hostel at 24, Morland Road. As the Council now makes
a yearly financial grant of £100 towards its conduction, it is
periodically inspected by the Council's officers.
Child Life Protection.
This part of the Act deals with Foster Mothers and Foster