London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Croydon 1925

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Croydon]

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Clinics and Treatment Centres continued.

Name and Situation.Nature of AccommodationBy whom provided.
(d) Sick Nursery†228, London Road, Croydon.One large room (4 cots) and accommodation for nursing and domestic staff.Local Authority.
ORTHOPAEDIC.Croydon General Hospital.Hospital Committee.
SCHOOL CLINCS.†Re-inspection Clinic. 228, London Road, Croydon.2 rooms.Local Authority.
† Minor Ailments Treatment Clinic, 228, London Road,
† Kye Clinic, 228, London Road,
† Dental Clinic, 13, Katharine Street,
Clinic for Defective Children, Town Hall, Croydon.1 room in Public Health
X-ray Clinic, 83, Park Lane, Croydon.Surgery of Dr. Critchley, part-time X-ray Specialist.
Massage Clinic, Welcome Hall, Scarbrook Road, Croydon.One room.Local Authority
Spinal Remedial Exercises Clinic, Welcome Hall, Scarbrook Road. Croydon.
Breathing Exercises Clinic, Welcome Hall, Scarbrook Road, Croydon.
Tonails and Adenoids Clinic, Croydon General Hospital.Waiting, operating and recovery room, kitchen (for use of stores} and room (in which are sinks)do.
Cleansing Station, Factory Lane, Croydon2 waiting rooms and 4
TUBERCULOSIS.Tuberculosis Dispensary, 13, Katharine Street, Croydon.Waiting room, consulting room, doctors' nurses' and clerks'
VENEREAL DISEASES.V.D. Clinic, Croydon General Hospital.A portion of the OutPatients'

† In December these clinics were transferred to new premises in Lodge
Road, West Croydon.