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Bromley 1969

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Bromley]

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No cases were notified during the year.
A total of 1,041 cases were notified during the year. This
compares with 398 in 1968. The incidence of this infection during
the year was nevertheless much below that which might have
been expected to occur as, if the usual sequence of events had
taken place, a full scale Measles epidemic could have been anticipated.
The following table shows the incidence of the infection in
the Borough since 1965.
Year Number of cases notified
1965 5,119
1966 1,236
1967 4,299
1968 398
1969 1,041
It would appear that the campaign for protection of children
against the disease by means of Measles vaccine has been successful
in reducing the impact of the infection this year. If a greater proportion
of the child population was to receive immunisation it is
probable that this unpleasant and debilitating illness could be
brought under complete control. I would therefore urge parents,
if their children have not already had an attack of the disease or
been immunised against it, to see that they receive the benefit of
this safe and effective protective measure.
Meningococcal Infections
7 cases were notified during the year and there was one death
from this cause.
Ophthalmia Neonatorum
No notifications were received during the year.
No case of this disease was notified during the year.
Scarlet Fever
Once again this infection continued to occur in a mild form
and no deaths were recorded. 99 cases were notified compared with
73 during the previous year.
No cases occurred during 1969, but in accordance with the
usual arrangements it was necessary for a number of suspected
contacts from overseas to be kept under surveillance at various

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