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Bexley 1925

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Bexley]

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During the year 31 Phials were used by Local Medical
Practitioners, and 19 were used by myself as Medical
Superintendent of the Council's Isolation Hospital. I
still make a practice of having a negative swab, before
discharging a patient from Hospital.
In addition to the use of Anti Toxin, greater use
has also been made of the County Laboratory during recent
years. During 1925, 64 swabs from the throat or
nose were forwarded for the purpose of examination, and
this practice has been very helpful, in that suspected cases
that might have been notified as diphtheria and removed
to Hospital, have been dealt with in the manner in which
they should.
Eight of the cases of diphtheria notified were removed
to the Council's Isolation Hospital, one to the
Dartford Joint Hospital, and seven Isolated at Home.
Scarlet Fever. 57 of the cases notified were removed
to the Council's Isolation Hospital, one to a
Hospital of the Metropolitan Asylums Board, and 5
isolated in their own homes.
Diphtheria. The number of cases dealt with in the
Long Lane Isolation Hospital was in excess of that of
the previous year.
The Average length of stay of patients suffering
from Scarlet Fever was 44 days and those suffering from
diphtheria 21 days.

The cost of dealing with the cases at the Hospital compared with that for the year 1924 is as follows

Salaries and Wages412392190
Provision and Fuel299328103
Medical Sundries162005
Furniture and Drapery583458
Repairs, Rates etc5469183
Telephone Rental971811
Electricity Supply161885