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Barking 1920

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]


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    Regulated Buildings, Trades, etc.No. in DistrictTotal No. Inspections madeGeneral ConditionLegal Proceedings (if any)
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    Comparative Figures Showing Prevalence of Infectious Diseases for the Year 1919. (Rates per 1,000 population.)
    Small PoxScarlet FeverDiphtheriaEnteric FeverPuerperal FeverErysipelas
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    Municipal Hospital, Upney. Expenditure, &c.
    Disease.No. of AdmissionsDeaths.
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    Municipal Centres and Clinics.
    AddressNumber of Times OpenedDay and TimeAverage AttendancePresent Arrangements for Medical Supervision
    Expt. MothersChildren
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    Infectious Diseases.
    Number NotifiedNumber VisitedNumber NursedRemoved to Hospital
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    Births and Deaths occurring in each Area of the District.
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    Hospital and District Work.
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    District Visiting, &c. Special visits and close supervision were maintained by the Health Visitors for the following reasons :—
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    The information collected on the occasion of these visits is given in the following :—
    Birth Notification VisitsTotal Number
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    The circumstances associated with the deaths that occurred during the year are as follows :—
    Deaths up to 2 years of ageNumbers Dying in first year
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    The distribution of the births with the size of families and number of rooms available is given in the following table :— Occupants per Room—Year 1920.
    Rooms per Tenement.123456789101112131415Totals
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    Fresh Milk Distribution.
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    Period for which milk was supplied was as follows (four weekly periods) :—
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    The number of children under five, nursing and expectant mothers supplied was as follows (these figures include cases dried milk) :—
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    The statistics taken from local records are given in the following table :— Deaths from Tuberculosis. (All Forms).
    YearNo. of Deaths from PhthisisRate per 1,000 PopulationOther Forms of TuberculosisRate per 1,000 PopulationPercentage o: Deaths from Phthisis to Total Deaths all causes.
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    Death Rate from Phthisis. Rate per 1,000 living in England and Wales.
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    Deaths from Pulmonary Tuberculosis For last 20 years according to age at death.
    1901—1911Under 1 year1—5 years5-15 years15—25 years25— 65 yearsOver 65 years
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    Deaths from Pulmonary Tuberculosis In each Ward.
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    Deaths from Tuberculosis other than Pulmonary Tuberculosis According to age at death
    1901—1920Under 1 year1—5 years5—15 years16—25 years26—65 yearsOver 65 years
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    Deaths from Tuberculosis other than Pulmonary Tuberculosis According to Ward.
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    Statement of Notification Received since beginning of Regulations.
    TuberculosisOther forms of Tuberculosis
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    Details of all Notifications Received each year compared with present year, according to age periods.
    0-1 year1—5 years5—15 years15—25 years25—45 years45—65 yearsOver 65 yrs.
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    Other Tubercular Diseases.
    0—1 year1—5 years5—15 years15—25 years25—45 years45—65 yearsOver 65 yrs.
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    Notifications of Phthisis according to Districts.
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    Other Tubercular Diseases.
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    Tuberculosis Notifications. According to Age and District (Still Living. Deaths and Removals omitted). Years 1913—1920.
    Under 1 year1-5 years6—15 years16—25 years26-45 years46—65 yearsOver 65 yrs.
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    Pulmonary Tuberculosis :
    Not Phthisical.Phthisical.Total.
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    School Children.
    No Recognisable DiseaseWith Recognisable DiseaseTotal
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    Not TubercularTubercular (recognisable)Total
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    Barking Dispensary.
    1915 (1st quarter)1919 (1st quarter)
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    Number added during the quarter—
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    Number removed from the district during quarter—
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    Number on register at end of quarter—
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    Observations following treatment end of quarter—
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    Doubtful Cases—
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    Vital Statistics of Whole District from 1915 to 1920.
    YearPopulation estimated to Middle of each YearBirthsTotal Deaths Registered in the DistrictTransferable DeathsNett Deaths belonging to the District
    Uncorrected NumberNettNumberRateof Nonresidents registered in the Districtof Residents not registered in the DistrictUnder 1 year of AgeAt all Ages
    NumberRateNumberRate per 1,000 Nett BirthsNumberRate
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    B irth R ate, D eath R ate and Analysis of M ortality during the Y ear 1920. (Provisional figures. Provisional Populations estimated to the middle of 1920 have been used for the purposes of this Table. The mortality rates refer to the whole population as regards England and Wales, but only to civilians as regards London and the groups of towns.)
    Birth Rate per 1,1100 populatios.annual death rate PER 1,000 population.R»te per 1,000 Births.percentage of total deaths.
    All Causes.Enteric Fever.Small Pox.Measles.Scarlet Fever.Whooping Cough.Diphtheria.Influenza.Violence.Diarrhoea and Enteritis (Under 2 years)Total Deaths under 1 year.Deaths in Public Institutions.Certified Causes of Death.Inquest Cases.Uncertified , Causes of Death.
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    Causes of Deaths in Barking Town U rban District, 1920.
    Causes of Death (Civilians only).Males.Females.
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    Infant Mortality during the Year 1920. Nett Deaths from stated causes at various Ages under 1 Year of Age.
    Causes of Death (all causes certified).Under 1 week.1-2 weeks.2 3 weeks.3-4 weeksTotal under 4 weeks.4 weeks and under 3 months3 months and under 6 months6 months and under 9 months9 months and underl2 monthsTotal Deaths under 1 year.
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    Cases of Infectious Diseases Notified during the Year 1920.
    Notifiable Disease.Number of Cases NotifiedTotal Cases Notified in each LocalityTotal Cases Removed to Hospital
    At all AgesAt Ages — YearsWards
    Under 11-561516-2526-4546-65Over 65NorthSouthEastWest
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    Deaths, y ear 1920, According to a ge and Ward.
    DiseaseUnder 11—56—1516—2526-4546—65Over 65NorthSouthEastWestTotal