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Acton 1940

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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premises were acquired at Hook Heath near Woking. Acting on a
a Ministry Circular, the local Supervising Authority for Maternity
and Child Welfare in the reception area was made responsible for
the administration of the Home, and since the date of thisi Circular
the Surrey County Council have taken over the administration of
the Nursery.
Since being evacuated to Woking, all the children have
improved in physical appearance, brought about doubtless by the
regularity of a well balanced diet in addition to the general training
necessaw for young children.
Nurse Children.— The number of Nurse children visited by the
Infant Life Protection visitors during 1940 was 21. This low figure
as compared with previous years may be accounted, for by the fact
that Acton is an evacuation area.
Milk for Children and Mothers,.— The Ministry of Health arranged
for children between 2 and 5 years to receive daily a pint of liquid
milk, and this has been extended to Expectant and Nursing Mothers.
In May 1940 the Ministry of Health further provided a National
Dried Milk for young babies. Both these schemes are administered
by the Food Executive Office on behalf of the Ministry of Health
and Food. Actual figures of milk provided under this scheme
cannot be given as the local Food Officer is unable to provide me
with this information. He has been instructed by the Ministry of
Food that such information is confidential.
During the year 1940 the Maternity and Child Welfare
Committee sold 8,083 lbs. of proprietary dried foods and issued
free 3,886 lbs. As a consequence of the issue of milk by the Ministry
of Food, there is a considerable drop in the amount of dried food
sold and issued free by the Maternity and Child Welfare Committee.



Number of Centres provided and maintained by the Council Total number of attendances at all Centres during the year:-4
(a) By children under 1 year of age6,092
(b) By children between 1 and 5 years of age3,480
Number of children who attended for the first time during the year: —
(a) Under 1 year of age550
(b) Between 1 and 5 years of age93
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