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Acton 1940

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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Number of Expectant Mothers who attended513
Number of attendances made by Expectant Mothers1,381
Mothers referred for Dental Treatment at the Clinic212
Mothers supplied with Dentures29
Mothers treated at Ophthalmic Clinic1
Expectant Mothers to whom dried milk was supplied free32
Number of lbs. of Dried Milk supplied free3,886
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The number of notifications of Infectious Diseases received
this year was 214. From Table 5 the various infectious diseases
can be examined; there were 26 cases of Scarlet Fever and 7 cases
of Diphtheria. There were 5 cases of Enteric Fever with one death.
The person who died as a result of Enteric Fever was diagnosed
post mortem and on investigation no cause could be traced. Of the
four other cases, no definite source of infection could be found,
but as all four girls were new arrivals to the area from the North
of England, enquiries were made, but no cases of Enteric had
occurred in the area from which these cases arrived.
During 1940 the number of cases of Scabies sent to the Health
Department for cleansing by the Local Authority has increased from
43 cases in 1939 to 63 cases. This probably represents only a proportion
of the actual number of infected persons in the Borough,
and one is inclined to the view that, should persons continue to
live in Air Raid Shelters during the next winter when raids may be
expected, then cases of Scabies will increase unless prompt action
is taken when cases are first recognised.
Percentage of notified live births represented by number of
children who attended a Centre for the first time
during the year 70.1%
Children treated at Dental Clinic 92
Children treated at Ophthalmic Clinic 22

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