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Acton 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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Overcrowded Families.

Percentage of Minimum A ccommodation.Number of familiesPercentage of total overcrowded families
Under 100 but not under 908519.77
Under 90 but not under 8014734.19
Under 80 but not under 7011827.44
Under 70 but not under 604710.93
Under 60 but not under 50286.51
Under 50 but not under 4030.70
Under 40 but not under 3010.23
Under 30 ___10.23

From the first of these tables relating to uncrowded families
it will be seen that a variation of the overcrowding standard which
reduced the permitted number for a dwelling by 10 per cent, would
increase the number of families who would be overcrowded by 427
or 2.58 per cent. On the other hand, this table shows also that
5,804 families have more than double the amount of accommodation
required by the overcrowding standard.
The comparison between the position of the uncrowded and
overcrowded families can be effected in another way. From table
" C " we can calculate the average number of units in an uncrowded
or overcrowded family, and also the average permitted number per
dwelling occupied by these classes. Such calculations give the following
(a) (b) (c)
All families Uncrowded Overcrowded
families families
1. Average number
of units per
family 3.19 3.13 5.40
2. Average permitted
number per
occupied dwelling
6.16 6.20 4.70