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Acton 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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Similarly, the excess of the numbers in column 1 over those
in column 3 indicates the extent to which the accommodation occupied
by the average overcrowded family falls short of that required
by tie standard.
The general picture given by this table is that the average
working-class family is housed well above the statutory minimum
standard, especially the family of average size. As the family gets
larger, the less is the relative margin of accommodation above the
standard. In the case of the large family of eight units or more,
there is very little margin, and these are the families for which the
Council has not made much provision. When we come to consider
the overcrowding figures of families in the council houses it will be
shown that all the houses which contain more than eight units are
Compared with the rest of the country, in Acton the accommodation
for families under four units is less (with the exception of
ihe 1½ unit family), and for families of over 4 units the accommodation
here is higher in every instance.
The following two tables classify families according to the
proportion which the ccommodation they actually have bears to
the minimum accommodation according to the overcrowding standand
Thus families with accommodation just equal to the minimum
permissible by the standard, that is, families just not overcrowded,
are entered as having 100 per cent of the minimum accommodation
; families with less than 100 per cent, accommodation are
overcrowded, and the degree of overcrowding is greater the smaller
the percentage. Similarly, families with over 100 per cent, minimum
accommodation are not overcrowded, and the greater the excess
of accommodation over the minimum required by the overcrowding
standard the higher the percentage.
The following tables give the numbers of uncrowded and overcrowded
families with the percentage of minimum accommodation :

Uncrowded Families.

Percentage of Minimum Accommodation.Number of familiesPercentage of total uncrowded families
Over 3002,41214.61
Over 200 but not over 3003,39220.54
Over 150 but not over 2005,72534.67
Over 110 but not over 1504,55727.60
Over 100 but not over 1101120.68