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Acton 1905

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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There are at present 3 Cowsheds,
23 Dairies,
20 Milkshops,
on the Register. I forwarded a notice to the occupier of every
cowshed and every dairy reminding him of his duty to have the
premises limewashed as required by the regulations.
Thirty-six visits were paid to the cowsheds, and 132
visits to the dairies and milkshops, and they were found to be in
good order and complying with the regulations, and it has not
been necessary to serve a notice with regard to any of these
Notice was given in the local papers to all cowkeepers,
dairymen and purveyors of milk, on the 24th November and 1st
December, also on the 23rd November hand-bills were distributed
throughout the District calling attention to the duty of such
persons to be registered with the Council.
The number of bakehouses on the register is 26, of which
eight are cellar or underground bakehouses. A circular letter
is sent to the occupiers every six months reminding them of the
time to limewash and cleanse as prescribed by the Factory and
Workshop Acts, 1901, but in the majority of cases they are
whitened and cleansed much oftener than is required by the Act.
All these premises have been visited and inspected 190 times.


There are four Registered Slaughter Houses in the District as follows:—

Name.Situation.Date Established.
Arthur Phillips50, Hanbury Road1863
James William Lawsl10, Bollo Bridge Road1865
Edward Dalton7, Churchfield Road1867
George Morris8, Enfield Road1871
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