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Acton 1905

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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This was the first year in which the duties imposed by
these Acts were carried out directly under the Council by me.
Formerly the duties were executed by the County Council
I nspector.
During the year I procured—
81 samples of new milk,
1 sample of skimmed milk.
31 samples of butter.
5 samples of margarine.
In four cases where milk was adulterated to a small
extent, the Council did not take proceedings, but the Clerk
wrote, warning the vendors that in future proceedings would be
taken, and advising them to ascertain that the milk was up to
standard before offering it for sale.
In a number of cases, the Analysts' certificates certified
that the milk was of very poor quality and probably adulterated,
but unfortunately no action could be taken with regard to these

The following table gives the details of the prosecutions during the year :—

April 26thMilk deficient of fat 33%£ l and 16/6 costs.
June 21 stMilk 14% deficient in fatDismissed. Warranty set up.
June 21stMilk adulterated, 12 parts added water£ 1 and 16/6 costs.
Sept. 20thMilk deficient of fat 12%£1 and 22/- costs.
Sept. 20thMilk deficient of fat 12%£1 and 22/- costs.
Sept. 20thAdulteration of Butter, 27% of water10/- and 20/- costs.
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