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Acton 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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absolutely refuse to comply with what I consider a
reasonable request, and necessary in the interests of
public health.
Drainage Examinations.
The smoke test has been applied 173 times, and in
addition 42 drains were opened up for examination after
formal written complaints had been made and authority
given for that purpose. The volatile or chemical test has
also been applied to drains in numerous instances.
Inspection of Meat and Other Foods.
The various butchers' shops, greengrocers' shops,
and other places where food is sold were frequently
inspected during the year, but I did not find any cause for
During the year the following were seized and taken
before a Justice:—
1 box of oranges.
1 barrel of dog fish.
1 pad of skate.
1 barrel of apples.
28 breasts of mutton.
½ bushel of pears.
3½ dozen haddocks.
Food and Drug's Acts.
Samples under these Acts were taken by Mr. W.
Tyler, the County Council Inspector. No returns were
supplied to our Council as to the number of samples
taken in the district and the result of the analysis.
I have now been appointed to carry out this work,
and I propose starting on 1st January, 1905. A detailed
statement will be presented in the next Annual Report.
Dairies, Cowsheds, and Milkshops.
There are at present 68 dairies and milkshops and
3 cowkeepers on the Register. Every quarter I forward
a Notice to the occupier of every dairy and cowshed

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