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Acton 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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Houses plastering of walls and ceilings repaired24
„ dealt with under Housing Acts24
Workshops cleansed and limewashed26
„ roof repaired11
Roofs of houses repaired68
Floors of houses repaired or relaid36
„ workshops repaired or relaid32
„ stables repaired or relaid9
Stables provided with drainage3
„ „ ventilation2
Coach-house floors repaired10
„ ceilings5
Dampness of house walls remedied121
Air spaces under floors of houses ventilated3
Accumulations of refuse removed34
,, manure removed12
,, water in cellars removed6
„ in ditches6
Manure receptacles provided18
Animals, fowls, &c., nuisances from, abated22
Urinals cleansed18
Overcrowding, number of cases abated10
Smoke nuisances, number of cases dealt with1
Water supply provided to houses4
Taps provided on main6
Miscellaneous nuisances abated53

One thousand one hundred and eighty-seven
Preliminary Notices and 63 Statutory Notices have been
served for the abatement of nuisances, and the necessary
works asked for were carried out in nearly all cases,
no Police Court proceedings being necessary.
As I pointed out last year the very few Police Court
proceedings and the number of Statutory Notices
compared with the Preliminary ones show that the
Statutory Notices are not asked for unless the owners