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Acton 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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is used or sold for human consumption is suffering from
tuberculosis of the udder and does not isolate such
animal, shall be liable to a penalty of £5.
This section is also new, and should prove very
Section 33 provides that any dairyman having a
cow which he suspects or exhibits signs of tuberculosis
shall inform the Medical Officer of Health and state his
name and the address of the dairy where the cow is.
Penalty for default 40s.
This is also a very useful section, but there will be a
difficulty of the various farmers supplying milk to Acton
becoming aware of the provisions of the section.
Section 34.—Under this section the Medical Officer
of Health, or any person authorized by him in writing,
may take samples of milk for examination, if the milk is
intended for sale, produced, or sold within the district.
The same powers may be exercised outside the district,
but a justice's order must first be obtained in the district
where it is proposed to take the sample.
Under this section there is no penalty imposed upon
any person refusing to allow a sample to be taken, neither
has the sample to be divided as is required by the Food
and Drugs Act. The object of this section is to permit
of the milk of any cow being submitted to a bacteriological
Section 35. — (a) If milk from a dairy situate within
the district is being sold or suffered to be sold or used
within the district, the Medical Officer or any person
provided with (and, if required, exhibiting) the authority
in writing of the Medical Officer may, if accompanied by
a properly qualified veterinary surgeon, at all reasonable
hours enter the dairy and inspect the cows kept therein,
and if the Medical Officer or such person has reason to
suspect that any cow in the dairy is suffering from tuberculosis
of the udder he may require the cow to be milked

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