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Acton 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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Workshops on the Registers. 131) at the end of 1904:—
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Acton Improvement Act.
The Acton Improvement Act, which came into force
in June last, deals with many important matters relating
to infectious disease prevention, tuberculosis, common
lodging-houses, slaughter-houses, and sanitary provisions.
The following sections set forth the provisions as to
Part IV.
Section 31 provides a penalty of £ 10 against any
person who knowingly sells or suffers to be sold within
the district milk for human consumption from a cow
suffering from tuberculosis of the udder.
This is a new provision, but there is no doubt that
the word " knowingly" will be the great obstacle in
recovering any penalty under this section.
Section 32 provides that any person who has
become aware that any cow in his dairy from which milk

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