London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1955

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Provision of
Division 9—Eastwood welfare centre, Eastwood estate, Wandsworth—This temporary
centre was opened in April to meet the needs of new housing development pending
the erection of a purpose designed maternity and child welfare and school treatment
centre at Roehampton Lane.
Centre closed Division 2—South Highgate welfare centre, 1 St. Albans Road, St. Pancras—This centre,
which was held in unsatisfactory accommodation, was closed on 17th October. The
clinic sessions were transferred to the Kentish Town welfare centre, Raglan Street,
and to the Highgate New Town clinic, Chester Road.
Accommodation for tuberculous men
Cromwell Lodge, Cholmeley Park, Hornsey—Second stage works of adaptation were
completed to bring the hostel into full occupation by 31 men. Further reference to this
hostel is made on page 32.
Occupation centres for the mentally defective
Details regarding premises used as occupation centres for the mentally defective will be
found on page 100.
52-54 Ashfeld Street, Stepney—These premises, formerly used for maternity and child
welfare purposes, were adapted and brought into use in September as an industrial
training centre for elder boys.
Cecil Rooms, Woolwich Road—Additional accommodation was rented at these premises
to provide an additional classroom for elder girls.
Clifton Congregational church hall, Studholme Street, Camberwell—These premises were
rented in June to replace the centre for elder girls at St. Chrysostom's Hall, Goldsmith
Road. Later in the year this elder girl's centre and the junior centre at St. Peter's Hall,
Cranfield Road, Brockley, exchanged accommodation to permit a better sub-division
of the junior classes.
Hostel for mentally defective girls under guardianship
' Dover Lodge '. Wood Vale, Camberwell—Adaptation of this building for use as hostel
for girls placed under guardianship on leaving special schools for the educationally
sub-normal was completed and the hostel opened in September.
School health service
Division 9—193 Mitcham Road, Wandsworth—Adaptation of these premises for use as a
school treatment centre, speech therapy centre and health visitor's office was completed
and the centre opened in January. The treatment centre replaced one formerly at
1071 Garratt Lane.
Division 2—Soho school treatment centre, 9 Gerrard Street, Westminster—These premises
were vacated in July and the centre transferred to purpose designed accommodation
at the Province of Natal centre, Guilford Place.
Division 3—North Islington school treatment centre, Rupert Road mission hall, Yerbury Road,
Islington—As it was not possible to renew the lease of these premises the centre was
transferred to rented accommodation at 6-9 Manor Road.
Division 8—Norwood school treatment centre, Chestnut Road, Lambeth—These premises
were relinquished on the expiry of the lease and the centre transferred to the West
Norwood welfare centre, Hannen Road, where vacant accommodation was adapted
for this purpose.
Centre closed
Division 5—Lefevre Road bathing centre, Poplar—Diminished demand permitted the
closure of these premises in July, the work of the centre being transferred to other centres
in the area.
Division 8—Dockhead school treatment centre, St. Joseph's School, George Road, Bermondsey
The work of this centre was transferred to the Bermondsey school treatment centre,
Farncombe Street, and the accommodation, which was in school premises, was vacated.