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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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The results of treatment were as follows:—

Cases cloted.
Adjusted or completed76
Partially adjusted5
Cases still under treatment.
Full service57
Special service42
Diagnostic service4

Dr. Emanuel Miller, director of the East London clinic, which was established
in 1927 by the Jewish Health Organisation of Great Britain, reports that during
1934, there has been a very large increase in the number of cases referred to the
clinic through the school services, especially in regard to educational backwardness
anrl rc:idiner disabilities.
East London
He also mentions that play-room work has been further developed on systematic
lines with the help of research students from the Institute of Education.
During 1934, there were 178 new cases referred to the clinic from the schools
and these, together with cases in hand at the beginning of the year, total 269 school
children dealt with during the year. Of these, 177 were boys and 92 girls. The
age distribution was : under 5 years, 7 ; 5 to 8 years, 61 ; 8 to 11 years, 91 ; 11
to 14 vears. 92 : and over 14 vears, 18.

The following tables show the sources of reference of the cases during 1934, and the reasons for reference:—

Source of reference.Reasons for reference.
School doctors109Theft, pilfering28
Head teachers18Nervousness, excitability66
School care committees25Backwardness36
Hospitals and clinics31Enuresis16
Parents and friends26Beyond control23
General practitioners9Unmanageable at school12
Probation officer and children's courts29Aggressive, spiteful15
Other agencies22Night terrors, sleep walking11
Total269Other speech defects10
Temper tantrums4
Lack of appetite1
Habit spasm8
Masturbation, sex difficulties2
Beading disability1
Inability to keep job4
Faecal incontinence2

An analysis of the results of treatment shows:—

Discharged cases.
Satisfactorily adjusted78
Partially adjusted28
Unsuitable or unadjusted43*
Advice only14
Still under treatment.
Progress satisfactory32
No change11
Too early to report18
Failed to attend16
Awaiting appointments at end of year29

*Including 19 cases which were found to be border line or mentally defective.