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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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the clinic. The number of school children referred to the clinic during the year was
345, of which number 194 were boys and 151 girls. The majority of cases were referred
by school care committees and hospital authorities, while a number of cases
were sent by private doctors, education authorities and relatives of patients. The
age distribution was: 5 to 8 years, 109; 9 to 11 years, 122; 12 to 14 years, 100;
over 14 vears. 14.
Dr. Wm. Moodie, medical director of the clinic, reports that, during the year
1934, the number of school children dealt with at the clinic was 191. Of these, 125
were boys and 66 girls. The age distribution was: under 5 years, 7; 5 to 8 years,
66; 9 to 11 years, 69; 12 to 14 years, 46; and over 14 years, 3.
A comparison of the intelligence quotients of the cases referred to the clinic
shows that a larger proportion of children of high or average intelligence were referred
compared with previous years. This is probably accounted for by the increased
use which is being made of the clinic by head teachers for advice as to the treatment
of backward children where the backwardness is not due to defects of intelligence.
The work of the clinic generally has continued on the lines of (1) full service
of intensive treatment, (2) special service with less intensive treatment and (3)
diagnostic or advice service only. Each case, however, is given individual consideration,
and treatment is designed to suit the particular needs of the case. Close
co-operation has been maintained with both the school medical and educational
services, and special tribute is paid to the work undertaken in this connection by the
Council's district care organisers.
The clinic does not restrict its activities to clinical work. It is also interested
in the dissemination of knowledge of the aims and methods of child guidance.
Monthly case discussions are held which are attended by teachers, care committees
and social workers, and members of various professional groups. In addition
discussions are arranged for special groups, and lectures outside the clinic are given
by members of the clinic staff.

The following tables show the sources of reference of the cases, and the reasons for reference:—

Source of reference.Reasons for reference.
Head teachers34Backwardness31
District organisers87Nervousness30
Parents, relatives and friends23Stealing and lying30
Invalid Children's Aid Association6Enuresis24
Private doctors3Unmanageable19
Probation officer5Temper outbursts9
Charity organisations3Speech difficulties6
Barbican Mission to Jews3Truanting and wandering4
Parent's employer1Sex difficulties4
Bermondsey Medical Mission3Night terrors and fears1
Welfare centres2Lack of concentration4
MagistrateScreaming fits1
Fulham child guidance clinic1Vocation guidance and psychological tests4
Scout master1
St. Margaret's day nursery1Sleeping difficulties2
Children's house, BowSleep walking2
St. Pancras dispensaryWord blindness1
Juvenile employment exchangeAdmission to Northampton home2
Fears about school2
Total191Advice re placement2
Advice re management1
Refusal to attend school1
Heart attacks1
Puts everything in his mouth1