London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Table II— Maternal deaths—continued.(a)Death due to pregnancy or confinement.

Hospital, etc.No. of births including stillbirths )Ante-natal care, L.C.C. clinic.Deaths.Ante-natal care, other sources, nil or not stated.DeathsTotal deaths.
St. Mary, Islington537Eclampsia (2) Obstetrical shock (obstructed labour) (1) Placenta prævia (1)44
St. Nicholas'374Myocarditis (and adherent placenta)11
St. Olave's552Puerperal sepsis (Cæsarean section)1-1
St. Pancras551Acute nephritis1Puerperal sepsis (placenta prævia) (1) Eclampsia (1)23
St. Peter's150P.P.H. (hydramnios)11
St. Stephen's472Eclampsia1Chorea gravidarum12
St. Marylebone105

Summary of above table.

Cause of death.Ante-natal care, L.C.C. hospital.Ante-natal care, other sources, nil or not stated.Total.
Puerperal sepsis9615
Placenta prævia-22*
Pyelitis or nephritis224
Other forms224
Rupture of uterus-11
Obstetrical shock123
"Status epilepticus"-11
Puerperal insanity1-1
Heart disease and Cæsarian section1-1
Myocarditis and adherent placenta1-1

* One placenta prævia case is included in the deaths from sepsis.
† In 3 cases child delivered outside hospital, admitted for third stage only.

Table II ( b)—(A)(b)Death associated with pregnancy or confinement

Hospital.Ante-natal care at L.C.C. clinic.No.Ante-natal care other sources, nil or not stated.No.Total.
DulwichTuberculous laryngitis and phthisis.11
FulhamTuberculous meningitis1Ulcerative endocarditis and septic thrombosis.12
HackneyHeart disease (mitral stenosis) (1) Carcinoma of colon (1)22
LambethMalignant tumour of the bronchus11
Lewisham-Mitral stenosis11
St. Alfege's-Bronchopneumonia11
St. George's-in-the-East.Acute pneumonia and empyema11