London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Table II— Maternal deaths —( A ) Confined in General Hospitals and Institutions.(a)Death due to pregnancy or confinement.

Hospital, etc.No. of births (including stillbirths)Ante-natal care. L.C.C. clinic.Deaths.Ante-natal care, other sources, nil or not stated.Deaths.Total deaths.
Bethnal Green315
Dulwich563Obstetric shock, failed forceps11
Fulham383Eclampsia (1) Acute nephritis (1)22*
Hackney855Puerperal sepsis (breast abscess) (1) Puerperal septicaemia (normal labour) (1)2Ante-partum haemorrhage (1) Puerperal sepsis (obstructed labour) (1)24
Hammersmith142Placenta prævia11
Lambeth675Puerperal sepsis (Cæsarean) (1) Post-partum haemorrhage (adherent placenta)(1) P.P.H and thyrotoxicosis (1)3Puerperal sepsis (Cæsarean)14
Mile End643Toxæmia (Cæsarean section) (1) Heart disease (Csesarean section) (1) Puerperal insanity (1)3--3
New End326Puerperal sepsis (rupture of uterus) (1) Pyelonephritis (1) Puerperal sepsis (Cæsarean section) (1)3--3
Paddington502-Puerperal sepsis (pulmonary em bolus)11
St. Alfege's639-
St. Andrew's689Puerperal sepsis (perineal tear)1Heart disease and chorea (Ca'sarean section)12
St. Charles'10Ruptured uterus (obstructed labour)11
St. George-in-the-East285-
St. Giles'978Puerperal sepsis (Caesarean section) (1) P.P.H. (adherent placenta) (1) Puerperal sepsis (1)3--3
St. James'1,152Anæsthesia (Cæsarean section)1Puerperal sepsis (forceps, adherent placenta) (1) Suppurative nephritis (Cæsarean section) (1) "Status epilepticus" (1) P.P.H. (adherent placenta) (1)45
St. John's1
St. Leonard's465Toxaemia and diabetes11
St. Luke's, Chelsea2
St. Mary Abbots884Eclampsia (1) Obstetric shock, contraction ring (1)2P.P.H. (adherent placenta) (1) Puerperal sepsis (failed forceps, ruptured uterus)(1)24

* Includes 1 death at 24th week