London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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No. of case.Age.Para.Previous history.Delivery.Vaginal examination.Diagnosis on admission.Complications.Course of disease.Bacteriology.Post-mortem findings.
168340V TermSepticaemia after 2nd pregnancy. Poor health during pregnancy. Anaemic prolapse of uterus. Wore ring pessary until delivery.Normal 2½ hours labour. Severe P.P.H.+Uterine sepsis and thrombosis pelvic veins.Arthritis shoulder 12th day. Pelvic peritonitis 20th day. Septicæmia 42nd day. Pericarditis 45th day.Onset of pyrexia 3rd day post partum. Admitted 8th day. Death 53rd day.Cervix: hæm. strep. Urine : hæm. strep, and B. coli. Blood : hæm. strep.Pelvic peritonitis, septic thrombosis of uterine and ovarian veins. Acute pyelonephritis and pericarditis. Œde-ma and congestion of lungs. Sepsis in all abdominal organs.
231729II TermNo ante-natal care In labour 3 days before admission to hospital.Forceps 4 days in labour. Liquoi amnii offensive T. 101. Still-born.+Septic endometritis. Pyelitis.Septicæmia 7th day Enterocolitis 9th day.Pyrexia before delivery. Admitted 5th day. Death 12th day.CervixB. coli.None.
Blood J
212433VIIThreatened abortion at 6 weeks. Bleeding 2 weeks before admission to hospital. Curetted before admission to N.W.H-Septicæmia. Severe anæmia.Pelvic abscess 12th day. General peritonitis 18th day.Onset of pyrexia 1st day. Admitted 3rd day. Death 23rd day. Laparotomy 21st day.Cervix: B. coli and non hæm. strep. Blood: non hæm. strep. Peritoneal fluid: B. coli and staph, aureus.General peritonitis. Large abscess right-broad ligament tracking up to liver and down to ischio-rectal region. All organs septic. Septic metritis
321735I 7 monthsNephritis during pregnancy.S B. twins. Normal 4 hours labour.-Uterine sepsis ? septic pneumonia.Empyema 14th dayOnset of pyrexia 2nd day post partum. Admitted 3rd day. Aspiration chest 15th day. Death 17th day.Cervix: staph, albus. Urine : B. coli pus and casts. Blood and pus chest : sterile.Right lung septic infarct, empyema right base. Fibroid uterus septic thrombosis cervical veins.
343935IV TermNormal pregnancyNormal 16 hours labour.-Uterine sepsis and general peritonitis.Suppurative parotitis (terminal).Onset of pyrexia 2nd day post partum. Admitted 5th day. Laparotomy 6th day. Death 7th day.Cervix: hæm. strep. Peritoneal fluid: hæm. strep. Blood: sterile.None.
3355321 7 months.Normal pregnancyNormal 9 hours labour.-Perineal and vaginal septic tears (Lochia purulent). Septic endometritis.General peritonitis 12th day. Thrombosis left saph. vein.Onset of pyrexia 4th day post partum. Admitted 5th day. Lap-parotomy 13th day. Death 15th day.Cervix and peritoneal fluid: haem. strep. Blood sterile.None.