London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Special Hospitals— continued.

Name of hospital.Where situated.Date of opening.Acreage (approx.)Accommodation (3lst December, 1934).Medical superintendent.Matron.Steward.
Number of beds in special wards (isolation, separation, discharge etc.)Number of beds in ordinary wards.Total number of beds.
Joyce Green hospital (fever or smallpox)Dartford, Kent. The River hospitals.28th December, 1903254150836986A. F. Cameron, m.a., m.d., c.m., d.p.h.Miss C. A. Morris, a.r.r.c.W. H. Golden.
Orchard hospital (fever or smallpox )Erected 19026324640664
Long Reach pier buildings (smallpox).27th February, 190224¼48248
Long Reach „ hospital.Hospital reconstructed 1928-29200 J
‡St Margaret's hospital (ophthalmia neonatorum and vulvo-vaginitis)Leighton-road, Kentish Town, N.W.5.16th September, 1918-75-75Miss D. M. Howard b.a., l.m.s.s.a. (visiting medical officer).Miss K. M. Hosken-
Sheffield St. hospital (venereal)Kingsway, W.C.221st June, 1920-82-82Miss M. Hamilton-Johnstone, b.a., m.b.,, b.a.o., d.o.m.s. (visiting medical officer).Miss G. M. W. Nash.-
Hospitals forTuberculosis.
King George V sanatoriumNr. Godalming, Surrey.8th June, 192262232232j. Watt, m.a., m.d., ch.b., d.p.h.Miss M. SheehanF. C. Barkway.
Pinewood sanatoriumWokingham, Berks.7th July, 1919 (Used Sot male patients until 29th Nov., 1921, then closed and reopened for female patients on 8th March, 1922.)82-160160W. C. Fowler, m.d., b.s.Miss K. SkinnerE. J. Brady.
Colindale hospitalColindale-avenue, Hendon, N.W.9.1st January, 192024½-349(d) 349F. R. G. Heaf, b.a., m.d.Miss W. P. Solomon.J. Watts.
Grove Park hospitalLee, S.E.129th February, 192652322322M. H. Logg, m.d., ch.b.Miss E. A. T. O'Brien.H. Parker.
Heatherwood hospitalAscot, Berks1st October, 1934 (Founded in 1922 by and formerly under control of the United Services Fund)55¼14136150E. S. Evans, f.r.c.s. m.b., b.s.Miss M. CampbellF. Duffett.
‡Transferred to General Hospitals on 1st April, 1935.