London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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List of Special Hospitals.

Name of hospital.Where situated.Date of opening.Acreage (approx.)Accommodation (31st December, 1934).Medical superintendent.Matron.Steward.
Number of beds in special wards (isolation, separation, discharge etc.).Number of beds in ordinary wards.Total number of beds.
Infectious hospitals.
Brook hospital (fever) (a)Shooters-hill, S.E.1831st August, 189629¼104448552J. V. Armstrong, m.d., D.P.H.Miss M. E. Quinlan, A.R.R.C.H. W. Lowe.
Eastern „ „Homerton-grove, E.9 1st February, 1871 (Enlarged in April, 1921, by the purchase from the City of London Guardians of the adjoining institution standing on a site of about 6 acres).1591470561H. M. Pereira, l.r.c.p., l.r.c.s., l.r.f.p.s. d.p.h.Miss BarchamW. W. Spencer.
Grove ,, ,,Tooting-grove, Tooting Graveney, S.W.17.17th August, 189922¾124432556J. H. Whitaker, m.d., d.p.h.Miss M. H. Griffith.W. B. Simpson.
North-Eastern ,, hospital.St. Ann's-road, S. Tottenham, N. 15.8th October. 189228124537661E. H. r. Harries, m.d., d.p.h.Miss A. EvansH. P. Austin.
North-Western ,, hospital.Lawn-road, Hampstead, N.W.3.25th January, 187012¼67343410A. Joe, d.s.o., m.d., d.p.h. d.t.m. & h.Miss S. M. KellyJ. S. Gibson.
Park hospital ,,Hither Green, S.E.138th November, 189723132480612H. S. Banks, m.a., m.d., d.p.h.Miss J. H. Balsillie.W. C. Oakshett.
South-Eastern ,, hospital.Avonley-road, New Cross, S.E 14.17th March, 1877. (Reconstructed 1904-1906 and reopened 2nd July, 1906.)1396384480G. W. Ronaldson, m.d., d.p.h.Miss F. M. Campbell.G. Gay.
South-Western „ hospital.Landor-road, Stock-well, S.W.9.31st January, 1871.65258323N. W. Walmsley, m.d., d.p.h.Miss A. FraserR. C. Letts.
Western hospital „Seagrave-road, Fulham, S.W.6.10th March, 187713¾158363521J. D. Rolleston, m.a., m.d., f.r.c.p.Miss E. ClarkeG. A. Ward
Northern hospital (b) (convalescent fever)Winchmore Hill, N.2125th September, 188735¾60*652712G. A. Borthwick, m.d., d.p.h., d.t.m. & h.Miss A. RobertsH. Hooper.
Southern Upper hospital (convalescent fever)Dartford, KentOctober, 1890160138639777G. L. Thompson,m.b.,ch.b.Miss A. T. HydeS. H. Flinn.
Southern Lower hospital (c) (convalescent feverDartford, KentErected 190236731767
*Including 100 beds for tuberculosis shown separately below.