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London County Council 1912

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Report of the County Medical Officer—Education.
The distribution of cases of diphtheria in the schools concerned is given below in Table A.
Table B shows the age distribution of cases.

Table A

Class School AgeBoys' Department.Girls' Department.Infants' Department.Remarks.
Princess-road1112313783101055First case, Infants, room 5, May 8th, 1911; last case, room 8, July 10th, 1912
Stanhope-street211112429476441First case, Infants, room 6, June 19th, 1911; last case, room 6, July 1st, 1912
Mixed Department
" Fox "12411014112First case, Mixed, room 5; November 29th, 1911; last case, room 7, May 3rd. 1912
Lavender-hill117111111First case, Boys, room 8, January 19th, 1912; last case, room 8, May 3rd, 1912
Wix's-lane1511First case, Infants, room 4, January 12th, 1912; last case, room 4, June 18th, 1912; M.K. discovered +; excluded June 17th, 1912
Brixton-hill Industrial4 cases in 1911 and one case in 1912.