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London County Council 1912

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Annual Report of the London County Council, 1912.
The following is a resume of the facts with regard to the school:—
January 15th, 1910—A child suffering from whitlow.
„ 15th, 1910—Another child sent to hospital with abscess in axilla.
„ 24th, 1910—A child found to have a septic finger.
February 13th, 1910—The second child returned from hospital; had a recurrence; was
operated upon and treated at the school.
April 8th, 1910—Cases of discharging ears.
„ 8th, 1910—Child with suppurating ringworm of scalp—recovered by June 16th.
November 4th, 1910—Further cases of discharging ears.
November—December, 1910—A series of cases with septic fingers.
December 27th, 1910—R. C. has sore finger, developed a whitlow on December 28th, when it
was lanced.
December 29th—A rash resembling that of Scarlet fever appeared on R. C., who was notified and
removed to S.W. Fever Hospital—she returned to school infirmary on
March 27th and to school routine on April 1st.
February 9th—April 25th, 1911.—Seven cases of severe septic fingers and 15 other minor cases
were reported and treated at the school.
April 8th, 1911—Sequestrum removed from R. C.'s finger.
„ 12th—R. C., although presenting no evidence of scarlet fever, sent as a measure of
precaution to Grove Fever Hospital for isolation purposes.
„ 5th to 28th—21 cases of scarlet fever and 15 cases of suspicious illness occurred at the
May 11th—R.C. returns to school and is kept in quarantine until May 29th.
July 27th—A child sickened with diphtheria.
„ 31st to August 9th—Bacteriological examination of all inmates of school. R.C.,
E.M., and one other child found to give positive results. All four children
removed to hospital.
November 2nd—R.C. and E. M. returned to school.
„ 11th—R.C. found still to harbour diphtheria bacilli and sent back to hospital.
April 4th, 1912—R.C. returned to school, found still to harbour diphtheria bacilli.
June 3rd, 1912—M.W. developed diphtheria, R. C. returned to hospital.
„ 11th, 1912.—E.M. sent to hospital as a carrier of diphtheria bacilli.
October 19th, 1912—E.M. discharged from hospital. R.C. still remains there.

The subjoined Table represents an analysis of the bacteriological work done in connection with the

investigations in the above-mentioned outbreaks.

Schools.Departments.Class or Classes.Number of visits,Period of Investigation.Number of children bacteriologically examined.Bacteriological analysis.Remarks.
Number of swabs.Klebs-Loefliar bacilli.Suspicious organisms.Hoffmann's bacilli.Negative.
Princess-roadBoys, Girls, and Infants,All24July 17th, 1911, to June 3rd, 1912233334363239227Throat and nose examined in every case
Stanhope-streetBoys, Girls, Infants MixedAll29Jan. 24th, 1912, to July 17th, 1912253399564243258Visits to Boys, 12 Girls, 16; Infants, 22 Mixed, 1
"Fox"Mixed and InfantsAll6Dec. 5th, 1911, to April 25th, 19127089135170-
Lavender-hillBoysNo. 89Feb. 1st, 1912, to June 21st, 191282146205126--
Wix's-laneInfantsNo. 42June 21st, 1912, to June 28th, 19121621-2712-
M. K.--8June 6th, 1912, to Aug. 26th, 1912-85--3M. K.'s niece notified with diphtheria June 6th, 1912(out of school case); M.K. excluded, June 17th, 1912.
Brixton-hill Industrial (1) first outbreakGirlsAll21July 31st, 1912, to Aug. 28th, 191260 ( + 8 adults)27660523188The results obtained from the children were: Klebs-Loeffler bacilli, 31 children; Hoffmann bacilli, 4; negative, 29.
(2) second outbreakGirlsAll-June 5th, 19126085351859Analysis in regard to children gave this result: Klebs-Loeffler bacilli, 4.