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St Pancras 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, Metropolitan Borough]

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Association.Scheme expiring 31st March, 1937.Scheme commencing 1st April, 1937.
These centres carry out routine M. & C. W. work in defined areas and are staffed by officers of Borough Council.St. Pnncras School for Mothers777777
Somers Town Welfare Centre275*275
North St. Pancras School for Mothers136220
South Highgate Welfare Centre141*160
Caversham Road ,,421—†
Camden Town „560*670
These associations render various ancillary services.St. Pancras Dispensary146200
University College Hospital8901150
Whitefield Day Nurserv480480
Kentish Town ,,513513
Margaret ,,750760
Mayoress of St. Pancras Home for Sick Poor Children700750
Home Helps Committee150250

* The Borough Council provides the building in these cases and the following amounts included in the figures given here
are allocations in respect of the use of building :—Camden Town, £330 , Somers Town, £191; and South
Highgate, .£123.
† Grant discontinued owing to resignation of Voluntary Committee.
The payment of the above-mentioned contributions is subject to the following
1. That the Borough Council are satisfied as to the efficiency of the maternity and child
welfare service provided by the association in respect of which the contribution is
payable, and that such service is being used by a reasonable number of those
persons for whom it is provided ;
2. That no reduction or alteration of such service is made without the consent of the
Borough Council;
3. That such service, and any premises in which it is carried on, are open to inspection
at all reasonable times by any officer of the Borough Council duly authorised by the
Council, and by any officer of the Ministry of Health appointed for that purpose by
the Minister;
4. That the association sends to the Borough Council in each year a copy of the annual
report of the association on the maternity and child welfare work of the previous
year, together with a statement of the accounts of the association for that year
relating to such work and a copy of the auditors' certificate thereon, and furnishes the
Borough Council from time to time with such other information relating to the
maternity and child welfare services provided by the association and the expenditure
thereon as may reasonably be required.
Maternity and Child Welfare work is to be considered under the two main headings of
CHILD WELFARE and MATERNAL CARE. In regard to each of these the duties of
Superintendents and health visitors are divided between home visiting and supervising or
rendering assistance in connection with the various activities of the centre to which they are
Particulars of the work of these officers are given in the following table:—