London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, Metropolitan Borough]

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Table. III.

Return of Attendances, Visits and Consultations at the various Welfare Centres in the Borough during 1936.

Centre.Attendances at Consultations.Visits by Trainid Visitors.ConsultationsN umber of Visitor*.
Expectant Mothers.Children.Expectant Mothers.Children.Children.Expectant Mothers.
No. of Birtii Notifications allocated to centre.New cases.Total attendances.New cages.Total attendances.
Under 1 year.1 -2 years.2 - 5 years.Total.Under 1 year.1-2 years.2 - 5 years.Total.First visits.Total visits.First visits.Total visits.Per month.Total.Per month.Total.Council Staff.Others.
St. Pftiicras School for Mothers118388919612302382627107776744712146854466120141721123_
Camden Town Centre630165395422484851853811831181090223404955744671202552254
Cftvershain Road Centre353138647292334837340359171157610938866239651931214644922*
North St. Pancras School for Mothers488118359352285443450311355110074862436585965179162053363
Somers Town Centre408471752642927320358313979775957216474413500516203113s
South Highgate Centre148_8015101051722750578305077122143160781051
JfRoyal Free Hospital994523462161425177239841153185722361215731553
UniversityCollege Hospital539286829221423551864402791305720230794192418203182032

* Two Part-time trained Visitors. On the 29th December the Superintendent died, and a part-time temporary Visitor was appointed.
An additional visitor was also attached to the following Centres
North St. Pancras School for Mothers, 2 days a week ; Caversham Road, 3 days a week ; and South Highgate, for 1 day a week,
† Figures refer to St. Pancras cases only.
(In addition to the above visits were made by Student visitors attacked to Centres, as follows :—Ampthill Square 60 ; Camden Town 1013 ;
and Caversham Hoad 551.)
‡ See explanatory remarks regarding these two centres on page 103.