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St Pancras 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, Metropolitan Borough]

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(ii) Number of Clinics provided and maintained by Voluntary
(iii) Totid number of attendances at all Clinics during the
(iv) Total number of women who attended at the Clinics during
the year—1,045.
(b) Percentage of total notified births (live and still) represented by the
total numbers of women shown under 5 (a) (iv)—42*6.
The following Tables II and III, show the time table at the different centres and give
statistical information as to the work for which each centre was responsible during the year.
It will be seen (Table III), that 493 ante-natal consultations were held, the number of
expectant mothers was 1,144 and their total attendances were 4,985.
For the two previous years the total attendances were 5,697 and 6,250.
The number of consultations for children was 1,446, the children who attended for the
first time numbered 2,404, and the total attendances were 39,993.
For the two previous years the total attendances of children were 41,475 and 40,784.
The Centres at University College Hospital and at the Royal Free Hospital, figures in
respect of which are included in Table III, are in a different category from the other six
centres. The Borough Council is responsible for the payment of grant in respect of the
University College Hospital Centre and figures of the work done at this centre are included
in the statistical returns made to the Ministry of Health (Table I).
At the time of writing Ward 7 has been allocated to the University College Hospital
Welfare Department as its own definite area. The Department will be responsible for
maintaining the complete Welfare Service, both for clinics and home visiting, for children in
that area. In addition the Hospital will provide Consultative and Treatment facilities for
cases referred from the other Welfare Centres in the Borough. It will continue to hold
Welfare Clinics for ex-St. Pancras children. Under this new arrangement the Hospital's
Welfare Centre will function and be supervised in the same manner as the other centres in
the Borough's Maternity and Child Welfare Scheme.
The Royal Free Hospital receives a grant for its Welfare Department directly from
the London County Council. The service given for this grant includes Welfare Clinics and
home visiting by three Health Visitors. The Centre is run mainly for the babies born in the
hospital or under the care of the hospital's staff or students. The work of the Centre is
reported to the Town Hall weekly. It has not been allocated a definite Welfare area and it
does not come within the Borough's Maternity and Child Welfare Scheme. Particulars of
the work carried out by this Centre are given in Table III on page 105. These figures are
not included in the returns made to the Ministry.