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St Pancras 1926

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, Metropolitan Borough]

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South Highgate Centre.
The work of the Artificial Light Clinic occupies a considerable amount of the time of
the Superintendent of this Centre. In addition to the consultations, a needlework class was
held on alternate Tuesdays during the three months January to March, the average attendance
being 8.
A Home Nursing Class was held on Tuesday evenings during the autumn, the
lecturer being provided by the kind permission of the London County Council. The average
attendance at these classes was 12.
Artificial Light Treatment.
The clinic for providing this treatment was opened in February, 1925. The patients
are selected bv the Medical Officers of the various Welfare Centres from the children who are
in attendance under their care. Medical practitioners can also recommend suitable St. Pancras
cases. The treatment is free, the cost beindefraved bv the Borough Council. Three
consultations, each of two hours' duration, are hold weekly.
Staff.—The Medical Officer carrying out the treatment is Dr. Wm. Beaumont,
m.r.c.s., l.r.c.r. The Superintendent of the Centre is Miss G. P. Bristow, who is assisted at
the consultations by two Health Visitors from other Centres.
Lamps, etc.—Three in number: 1 Westminster Single Arc Lamp, 2 Alpine Sun Four
Arc Lamps. The current is direct, and voltage at main 220.
Cases treated.—The total number of cases treated during the year was 180.
The number of new patients being 149.
The total number of attendances was 4,583.
The number of Consultations held, 113.
Average attendance per Consultation, 40.
Average number of attendances per child, 25.
Cost. £ s. d.
Electric current 13 15 10
Cleaning 8 4 0
Consultation fees 177 19 6
Miscellaneous 5 14 5
£ 205 13 9
Treatment.—The conditions for which this treatment was given included: —
Rickets, 85 cases
Bronchial Affection, 23 cases
Incipient Tubercidosis, 3 cases
Delayed Development, 16 cases
Other conditions, 7 cases,
Debility, 27 cases
Underweight, 5 cases
Enlarged Glands, 5 cases
Nervous Instability, 7 cases