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St Pancras 1926

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, Metropolitan Borough]

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Camden Road Centre.
The number of new cases at the ante-natal consultations again shows an increase.
48 massage clinics were held, the attendances at which numbered 362. This clinic was
discontinued at the end of July.
A needlework class was held on alternate weeks during the months of January to
April (inclusive), but was not very well attended.
Chalton Street Centre.
In addition to the usual consultations, 48 massage clinics were held, the attendances
at which numbered 198. This clinic was suspended on June 30th.
Attendances at sewing, etc., classes were 364.
Interviews with parents by the Superintendent, other than at classes or clinics, numbered
Voluntary trained workers made 58 visits to expectant mothers and 1,351 visits to
Grafton Road Centre.
A voluntary consultation for children from 2 to 5 years of age is held monthly.
10 Mothers and 16 children requiring change were sent away to convalescent homes.
639 Free Dinners were given to nursing or expectant mothers, with the assistance of
members of the Voluntary Committee.
A large number of suitable woollen garments were supplied at cost price to necessitous
1,015 visits were paid to children by a Voluntary Trained worker.
The Argyle Square Centre and the Mary Ward Settlement School for Mothers.
These were amalgamated on March 31st. They were small centres in fairly close
proximity, and the combination should tend to promote efficiency and economy.
North St. Pancras School for Mothers, Queen's Crescent.
In addition to the consultations provided by the Borough Council, two voluntary
consultations for older children have been held during each month by Dr. J. Finch Haines.
Health talks for mothers have also beeu held fortnightly by the Superintendent of the
Centre. Other activities include Holiday and Clothing Funds. As a result of the energy and
enthusiasm of the members of the Voluntary Committee, funds have been raised for the
purchase of a seaside cottage, to which necessitous and ailing mothers and children attending
the Centre will be sent for short periods. This is expected to come into use at an early date.
Caversham Road Centre.
Classes have been held in the following subjects:—Needlework, Cookery, Home
Nursing and First Aid. The number of mothers who attended the various classes averaged
from 6 to 17. A full-time and also a part-time Health Visitor are provided from funds from
voluntary sources. A certain number of additional consultations are also provided from this