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St Pancras 1926

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, Metropolitan Borough]

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Maternity and Child Welfare Centres.
These are 11 in number. Each Centre is managed by a Committee, the members of
which not only give valuable help at the various consultations, but also piovide additional
funds for the maintenance of many other useful activities associated with the work of each
Centre. The Council has representatives on each Committee, and each Committee sends one
representative to the Council's Maternity and Child Welfare Sub-Committee. The Centres
at University College Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital are not subsidised by the
The table 011 page 24 gives statistics concerning the work of all the Centres during
1926. It will be seen that 1,669 infant consultations and 464 ante-natal consultations were held
during the year. The children who attended for the first time numbered 3,159.
The total attendances of all children was 47,735, as compared with 49,470 in 1925, and
51,292 in 1924.
The total attendances of expectant mothers numbered 6,822, as compared with
6,736 and 8,653 in the two preceding years.
Details concerning the work, together with some of the special activities of the
individual Centres, are given in the following paragraphs: —
St. Pancras School for Mothers, 1, Amvthill Square.
In addition to the consultations provided by the Council, the Medical Officers have
held voluntary consultations for children from two to five years of age.
Classes for Mothers.
At infant care classes there were 399 attendances; ante-natal care, 310 attendances;
and at needlework, etc., classes, 630 attendances.
Dinners for Mothers and Children.
These are supplied at a very small charge for necessitous cases. 3,046 dinners were
supplied to nursing and expectant mothers, and 3,092 to young children.
Observation Day Nursery.
This is for children needing special care. There were 1,848 attendances during the
year, of which 1,031 were made by infants under one year of age, and 817 by children over
one year.
Massage Clinic.
48 consultations were held, at which 396 attendances were recorded. This clinic was
discontinued on June 30th.
Dental Clinic.

This is provided out of funds from voluntary sources. The Dental Surgeon is Mr. George Thomson, L.D.S. During the year 36 consultations were held, at which 455 attendances were made. Details of the work done are given in the following table :—

Extractions with anaesthetics6126
„ without anaesthetics9
Impressions and fitting dentures, etc.46