London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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between a front and back basement room, so as to open up the bakehouse
to the remaining window or windows and to any open area or other open
(10) Exclusion of Foul Air.—Any coal or other cellar shut off and ventilated
into the open air independently of the bakehouse.
(11).Exclusion of external Dust and Dirt.— Every opening so situated and so
devised as to be protected from dust and dirt blown or falling from the
street. No direct pavement, stall-board, or dwarf area ventilation into
the bakehouse, and any window, fanlight, or door in a front area to be
protected, either by hooded or winged sashes or by a horizontal covering
or by a lean-to glass roof, so placed as not to obstruct the entrance of
light and air, but to intercept any fallen or blown dust and dirt from the
street, and any door to be automatically self-closing.
(12) Extraction of Fumes, Effluvia, Sfc.—By outlet ventilators into any disused
Hues, a valve or door into the oven flue, and an extraction or upcast shaft
in the bulkhead or space over the oven, terminating at least 8 feet above
the street level if situated in front of the premises.
(13) General.—Compliance with the statutory requirements applicable to all
Notk.—Special requirements were also made in regard to each particular
underground bakehouse before a certificate was issued by the Borough
Council, and these requirements are stated in the plans on record.
This report your Council approved and adopted, and the Public Health
Committee gave instructions : —
(1) That a communication be sent to the occupier of each underground
bakehouse with open stall-board or pavement ventilation, calling
upon him to forthwith comply with the requirement of the Borough
Council that there should be " no direct stall-board or pavement
ventilation " to the bakehouse.
(2) That it be an instruction to each District Inspector to make himself
familiar with the requirements of the Borough Council in each case
to which a certificate was granted to each of the underground bakehouses
in his district, and if these requirements are departed from
to call the attention of the occupier to the fact by an intimation of
breach of statute, and in case of non-compliance report to the
Committee in the usual manner for statutory notices.