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St Pancras 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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Underground Bakehouses.—The following report of the Medical Officer of
Health, dated 6th July, 1910, was under the consideration of your Council on
the 13th of that month : —
Some years ago the Borough Council laid down certain requirements to
which underground bakehouses in general, and certain of such bakehouses in
particular, should conform. It having come under my observation that some
of such bakehouses were ceasing to regard the requirements ordered by the
Borough Council, I instructed the Inspectors to report to me all undegrouud
bakehouses having open stall-board ventilation. The Reports are tabulated,
and I beg to present a tabular list of underground bakehouses infringing the
Council's requirements, and to recommend—
(1) That a communication be sent to the occupier of each underground
bakehouse with open stall-board or pavement ventilation, calling
upon him to forthwith comply with the requirement of the Borough
Council that there should be "no direct stall-board or pavement
ventilation " to the bakehouse.
(2) That it be an instruction to each District Inspector to make himself
familiar with the requirements of the Borough Council in each case
to which a certificate was granted to each of the underground bakehouses
in his district, and if these requirements are departed from
to call the attention of the occupier to the fact by an intimation of
breach of statute, and in case of non-compliance, report to the
Committee in the usual manner for statutory notices.
I beg to append hereto a copy of the General Minimum Requirements.
The Special Requirements are contained in the papers and plans referring
to each particular underground bakehouse.
General Minimum Requirements.
(1) Cubic Capacity.—At least 1,000 cubic feet.
(2) Square Feet.—At least 150 square f et of floor space.
(3) Height. — At least 7 feet from floor to ceiling or roof.
(4) Level of Ceiling or Roof.—Not more than 1 foot below the level of the street.
(5) Open Space or Area.—On one of the sides of the bakehouse or an open roof.
(6) Floor.—Of hard, even, smooth, impervious material, and in good condition.
(7) Walls.— Of hard, even, smooth, impervious material, and in good condition.
(8) Ceiling.—Impervious to dust and dirt, and in good condition. Any opening
in the ceiling for the purpose of passing up bread, &c., to be closed by a
tight fitting trap door and protected by a cabin hood and door, or similar
form of protection.
(9) Admission of Fresh Air.—One or more windows or skylights opening
directly into the external air of at least 12 square feet in area, and so
made as 10 be entirely opened with facility. Removal of the partition