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St Pancras 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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accommodation in the neighbourhood to provide for any persons who may
be displaced by the proposed demolition of the property by the Midland
Railway Company, but considered that any agreement come to in the matter
should in nowise affect the rehousing obligations laid down by the Local
Government Board's Order in regard to the Chapel Grove and Eastnor Place
1 mprovement Schemes.
The Company were accordingly informed that the Council did not raise any
objection to the above-mentioned proposals, provided that they did not prejudice
the Council's position in the matter of rehousing or otherwise in
regard to Weirs Passage or the rest of the areas, but nothing further has been
done in the matter.
The Housing and Town Planning Act, 1909.— In last year's report reference
was made generally to this Act, which came into force on the 3rd December,
1909. The chief provisions affecting the Council were then summarised. It
is now necessary to place on record one or two matters upon which special
regulations have since been made by the Local Government Board under the
powers conferred on the Board under the Act.
Inspection of District.
By Section 17 (1) of the Act it is enacted that it shall be the duty of every
local authority within the meaning of Part II. of the Housing of the Working
Classes Act, 1890, to cause to be made from time to time inspection of their
district, with a view to ascertain whether any dwelling house therein is in a
state so dangerous or injurious to health as to be unfit for human habitation,
and that for that purpose it shall be the duty of the local authority, and of
every officer of the local authority, to comply with such regulations, and to keep
such records as may be prescribed by the Local Government Board.
The Board have accordingly issued an Order, dated 2nd September, 1910,
making Regulations with respect to the manner in which inspection of the
District under this section shall be carried out, and with respect to the records
to be kept of such inspection.
The Regulations are as follows:—
Article I.—(1) The local authority shall, as early as practicable after the date of this
Order, take into consideration the provisions of Sub-section (1) of Section 17 of the Act
of 1909, and shall determine the procedure to be adopted under these Regulations, to
give effect to the requirements of that sub-section in regard to the inspection of their
district from time to time.
(2) The local authority shall, as part of their procedure, make provision for a thorough
inspection to be carried out from time to time according to the varying needs or circumstances
of the dwelling houses or localities in the district of tire local authority.
(3) The local authority shall cause to be prepared from time to time by tire Medical
Officer of Health, or by an Officer designated by them but acting under his direction and
supervision, a list or lists of dwelling houses the early inspection of which is, in the
opinion of the Medical Officer of Health, desirable. The list or lists may, if thought fit,
relate to the dwelling houses within a defined area of the district witlrout specifying each
house separately therein.
Article II. - The inspection under and for the purposes of Sub-section (1) of Section 17
of the Act of 1909 shall be made by the Medical Officer of Health, or by an Officer
designated by the local authority but acting under his direction and supervision, and the
Officer making inspection of any dwelling house shall examine the state of the dwelling
house in relation to the following matters, namely:—
(1) The arrangements for preventing the contamination of the water supply.