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St Pancras 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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(e) Canal Bout Dwellings.—During the year 61 visits of inspection were
paid to the 151 wharves on the Regent's Canal.
(f) Working Class Flats.—A list of the principal of these and the accommodation
provided will be found in the Appendix to this Report.


during the Year 1910.No. comprised therein.No. for which Certificates wereNotes.

The Housing and Town Planning Act, 1909, now provides also for the
exemption of common lodging-houses for the working classes from inhabited
house duty by Section 35.
Of the various schemes made under these Acts only one now remains
uncompleted, namely, the Chapel Grove and Eastnor Place scheme.
Chapel Grove and Eastnor Place Scheme.— Weirs Passage.—Reference was
made in last year's report to the unsuccessful proceedings before the Magistrate
for the closing of the dwelling houses in Weirs Passage. In January, 1911,
a communication was received from the Local Government Board enclosing a
letter addressed to the Board by the Midland Railway Company with reference
to these schemes. The Company proposed to pull down No. 5, Ossulston
Street, No. 1, Wilstead Cottages, and the two-storey back addition at the rear
of Nos. 6 and 8, Weirs Passage, so as to provide additional air space for the
houses Nos. 2-10, Weirs Passage, and open up and bring considerably more
light and air into this passage and to Wilstead Cottages. The sites of the
back addition of Nos. 6 and 8, Weirs Passage, and of No. 1, Wilstead Cottages,
would be thrown into the yard of the Weirs Passage houses, and the site of
No. 5, Ossulston Street, would be left open, with some boundary posts, if the
St. Pancras Council would be prepared to make an arrangement to keep it in
order and repair until it came to be dealt with as part of the surrounding site,
so that the Company would not lose their rights in it.
The Board informed the Company that while they had no objection to offer
to the proposed alterations, they could not regard them as so materially
improving the conditions in regard to Weirs Passage as to justify deferring
for an indefinite period further action for improving or clearing the areas
comprised in the Chapel Grove and Eastnor Place Improvement Schemes.
These proposals were also considered by your Public Health Committee,
and from inquiries made they were satisfied that there was sufficient vacant