London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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Situation of Property.Offence.Result of Proceedings.
18, Upper Woburn PlaceDrain defective, and sink waste pipe connected to drainFined 1s. and £3 3s. costs
Frederick MewsFailing to remove manure, &c., and other refuse at proper intervalsManure removed; summons withdrawn on payment of 2s. costs.
9, Stucley PlaceDwelling house in a state so dangerous or injurious to health as to be unfit for human habitationSummons withdrawn on payment of £3 3s. costs, premises having been rendered fit for human habitation.
21, Rochford StreetSoil pipe unventilatedOrder made to ventilate soil pipe within seven days.
„ „Reconstructing the soil pipe contrary to the By-laws of the Loudon County CouncilSummons withdrawn, the magistrate being of opinion that the repair of a pipe by inserting one length of pipe was not reconstruction.
57, Harrington StreetDwelling house without a proper water supplyClosing order and 6s. costs.
33, Argyle SquareDrain defectiveSummons withdrawn; work carried out. £1 4s. costs.
62, Robert StreetSuffering an underground room to be occupied separately as a dwellingFined 10s. and 2s. costs.

The dairies, cowsheds, and milkshops, the slaughterhouses, the places where
raw foods are prepared, and the marketing places have been regularly visited
and inspected. The markets and marketing streets have also been regularly
visited on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings during the summer months.
Bakehouses, restaurant kitchens, and similar workplaces fall under the
Factory and Workshop Acts, and have been dealt with under Part IV. of this