London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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serious delay in the abatement of urgent dangerous nuisances, such as "cut off
or stopped water supply," and "choked or stopped water closets and drains."
The Sanitary Authority have no power to enter and forthwith abate an
urgent dangerous nuisance, and it has been decided that if the Authority enter
they do so at their own risk and cannot recover any expenses for the abatement
of the nuisance until alter the Order of the Court has been made. If the
Authority made it a practice to enter before the Order of the Court owners
would leave urgent dangerous nuisances to be abated at public expense, an
item that would progressively increase.
Under the circumstances, and in order to reduce the delay of weeks to days,
and if possible to hours, it was recommended and approved that in cases of
urgent dangerous nuisances Intimations be served to abate such nuisances
forthwith, and that, in default, it be an instruction to the Chief Clerk to sign
and cause to bo servel Statutory Notices for abatement forthwith, and in
default of compliance to obtain such Order of the Court as may be necessary
for the immediate abatement of the nuisance.
Regent's Canal Water.—Eight specimens of water, taken from various parts
of the Regent's Canal within the Borough, were sent for analysis to Sir
Thomas Stevenson, M.D. The general tenor of his reports upon these
specimens of water was that though the water was sewage polluted, the
contamination was not such as to cause a nuisance, and so was not injurious
to health.


Under the Public Health (London) Act, 1891 (except in respect of Food), the Housing of the Working Classes Act, 1890, and the Metropolis Local Management Acts.

Situation of Property.Offence.Result of Proceedings.
91, Carlton RoadHouse damp, roof and water fittings defectiveNuisance abated. Costs 3s.
9, Warren StreetBack basement room illegally occupiedSummons dismissed; room not wholly below the surface of adjoining ground.
„ „Front basement room illegally occupiedFined £3 and £2 2s. costs.
133, Whitfield StreetPremises dirtyFined £1 and 10s. costs.
27, Grafton PlaceDrain defectiveFined £1 and £2 8s. costs.
96, Fortess RoadDrain defective, soil pipe unventilated, and rainwater pipe connected to drainAbatement order within 14 days and costs 6s.
36, Tottenham Court RoadDrain defective, water-closet apartment not externally ventilated, sink waste connected to drain, and soil pipe defectiveCase dismissed, defendant proving he was not the owner. Costs allowed £2 2s.