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St Pancras 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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Factories and Workshops for 1904.

Mr. Barth.Mr. Dillon.
Jan. to MarchMay to Dec.

The condition of the water supplied in the New River Water District and
the West Middlesex Water District, has been reported in the quarterly reports
as extracted from the Reports of the Analyst of the Local Government Board.
Regulations of Writer Companies, now the Water Board.—The Borough Council
exercise within the Borough, conjointly with the County Council, the powers
under Sections 17 to 25 of the Metropolis Water Act, 1871. These Sections
provide that every Company shall make Regulations for preventing undue
consumption or contamination of water, and, under Section 26 of the Metropolis
Water Act of 1852, for preventing the waste or misuse of water, and amongst
other things to prescribe the size, nature and strength of the pipes, cocks,
cisterns, and other apparatus to be used, and to interdict any arrangements
and the use of any pipes, cocks, cisterns, or other apparatus which may tend to
such waste or misuse. Any Company may repeal or alter any Regulation or
make new Regulations instead. The Metropolitan Authority, the London
County Council, now also the Borough Council, or any ten consumers may be
requested in writing to repeal or alter any Regulation or make new instead,
and upon refusal the Local Government Board may hold Inquiry and make such
Regulation, repeal, or alteration, as they think fit. Penalties of a sum not
exceeding £5 may be imposed for any offence against the Regulations. Within
four days after making repeal or alteration of a Regulation notice must be
served upon the Borough Council by the Company. No Regulation, repeal
or alteration is valid until confirmed by the Local Government Board, who
may institute Inquiry if they think fit, and must hear the County Council,
the Borough Council, and the Company, and the Board may then confirm
or disallow any Regulation, repeal or alteration, one month's notice in writing
and by advertisement having been given of the Public Inquiry. A printed
copy of the Regidations must be kept at the office of the County Council, the
Borough Council, and the Company for public perusal.
By the Metropolis Water Act, 1902, the undertakings, liabilities, and
obligations of the Metropolitan Water Companies were transferred to the
Water Board.