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St Pancras 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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The reduction in the number of inspections made is explained by the
pressure of this special work which has involved not only numerous visits, but
also a considerable mass of clerical and statistical work.
I do not anticipate any inquiry to the interests of our working women from
this temporary relaxation of inspection of their work premises; but I think it
would be unwise to allow this intermission of inspection to continue too long,
and so, while continuing to work upon the inquiry as opportunity permits, I
am endeavouring also to resume the industrial work.
I append the collection of statistics required by the Secretary of State.
I am, Sir,
Your obedient servant,
M. E. Bibby.
Sanitary Inspector of Workshops (Women.)
(This is included in the tabular statement above, in the form desired by the
Factory Department of the Home Office.)
Health Department,
Town Hall, St. Pancras,
March, 1905.
To the Medical Officer of Health.
I beg to submit my report on the work done during the year 1904.
Mr. Earth resigned in March and I was appointed and took over his duties
on 9tlx May, 1904.
Bakehouses.—These were under the supervision of Mr. Auger, and during
his holidays I made 19 inspections and 3 re-inspections.
Factories.—341 factories on Register. (53 inspections and 6 re-inspections
Workshops.—802 workshops on the Register. 284 inspections and 59
re-inspections made.
Work-places.—63 restaurant kitchens on the Register. 8 inspections and 3
re-inspections made.
Smoke Shafts.—270 smoke shafts on the Register. 651 inspections and 22
re-inspections made.
Yours respectfully,
Edward J. Dillon.
Sanitary Inspector for Factories and Workshops 1904.