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St Pancras 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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In the Case of individual houses efforts are always made to exhaust the
Public Health (London) Act, 1891, to remedy defects, before resorting to the
Housing of Working Classes Act, 1890, except when it is obvious that no
remedy short of demolition is available.
At the 66 grant-receiving schools, 18 inspections and 1 re-inspection were
made during the year by the Woman Inspector.
Factories.—The Man Inspector had 341 and the Woman Inspector 102
factories upon the Registers for periodical inspection as to water-service, sanitary
conveniences, drainage, and nuisances. During the year 63 and 29
inspections of factories, respectively, were made, and 6 re-inspections after
notices served.
Workshop*.—The Man Inspector had 802 and the Woman Inspector
385 workshops (apart from bakehouses) on the Registers for periodical inspection.
During the year 284 and 173 inspections, respectively, of these premises
were made, and 59 and 10 re-inspections after notices.
Workplaces.—These include restaurant kitchens, cab and omnibus yards,
laundries and domestic workshops, and home workplaces.
Domestic Workshops and Home Workplaces.—The Woman Inspector has 226
of these on the Register, of which 98 inspections and 1 re-inspection after
notice were made. These places vary in number from year to year, and
according to the season of the year.
Laundries.—On the Register are 90 laundries at which the Woman Inspector
made 57 inspections and 7 re-inspections.
Restaurant Kitchens.—Of these the Man Inspector had 63 and the Woman
Inspector 157 on the Registers. At the former 8 inspections and 3 re-inspections
were made, and at the latter 14 inspections and 1 re-inspection.
Bakehouses.—At the commencement of the year there were 178 workshop
bakehouses. Of these and of the three factory bakehouses, and the three
bakehouses in hotels, 202 inspections and 1157 re-inspections were made.
This large number of re-inspections was part of the work in connection with
certifying underground bakehouses.
On the 30th December, 1903, the Home Secretary made an Order (No. 1157)
directing that as regards bakehouses (other than such as are underground)
where work is carried on at night (9 p.m. to 6 a m.) by artificial light other
than electric light "four hundred cubic feet of space to every person" shall be
allowed instead of the "two hundred and fifty" provided for workshops in
section 3 of the Factory and Workshops Act, 1901. (See Annual Report, 1903