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St Pancras 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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The condition of the three sites embraced in the Order is now as follows: —
(a) Great College Street site.— On this additional vacant site included in the
Order of the Local Government Board for the purpose of housing part of the
persons to be displaced from Brantome Place and Prospect Terrace, Goldington
Buildings have been erected and are now fully occupied. These buildings have
been described above under the head of (f) Working Class Flats, and accommodate
332 persons or 10 more than required by the Order.
(b) Brantome Place area.— During the year the Public Health Committee
and the Housing Sub-Committee have been engaged in endeavouring to obtain
information as to cheaper and more self contained types of dwellings than
those attached to the Order, so that they may be let at lower rentals and insure
greater privacy in the homes. All the interests on the area have been acquired
and demolition is proceeding.
(c) Prospect Terrace area.— The rentals of the rooms in the existing houses
on this area have been revised and reduced, and the basement rooms unfit for
habitation have been vacated (sec Minutes 22nd February, 1905, p. 311). All
the interests have been acquired except those in the Prospect Terrace roadway
which have been referred to arbitration.
In the Order the number of persons to be displaced from these two areas is
1,165, and the number to be rehoused on the three sites is 842 persons.

Unhealthy Dwelling-houses individually represented by the Medical Officer of Health since 1898:—

Date of Representation of M.O.H.Premises.Date and Resolution of Borough Council.Result and Date.
1902. May 14198, Gray's Inn Road and 8, Wilson Place25th June. Notice to be served to render premises lit for human habitation in default proceedingsClosing order made; costs allowed to Council, £2 2s. 0d., 14th November, 190.. Premises rendered fit for human habitation as regards 198, Gray's Inn Road, 2nd May, 1904. 8, Wilson Place ceased to be used for human habitation.
1903. May 84, York Passage, Wybert Street8th July. Do. do.Closing order made; costs allowed to Council £1 7s., 3rd November, 1903. Premises demolished February, 1904.
May 1998, Highgate RoadDo. Do. do.Premises rendered fit for human habitation 24th March, 1904.
1904. Feb. 159, Stuckley PlaceMarch 2nd. Do. do.Premises rendered fit for human habitation 20th May, 1904.